What are Ice Crystals made of?

  • A metal called Rhodium. It’s stronger than sterling silver and will last longer.

How does Michael ensure each Ice Crystal is one of a kind?

  • Ice Crystals are made one at a time. There is no procedure or factory like out put, just one man with his art.

Is Rhodium hypoallergenic?

  • Rhodium is not known to cause any allergic reactions but each individual may react differently. If you have a reaction, please let us know. We are working on creating several made in precious metals.

Where can I buy Ice Crystals?

  • The will be made available online soon. Stay tuned through social media.

Where are Ice Crystals made?

  • Ice Crystals are made in the city of Attleboro.

How much is shipping and handling?

  • Shipping and handling is included but $5 will be added to each order to cover insurance.

Who is behind NodoUs.com?

  • NadoUs.com and all the social media is managed by Jax Adele.

Do we accept custom orders?

  • Currently, we do not accept custom orders but we hope to in the future.